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At LevIT, we seamlessly blend youthful innovation with time-tested reliability.

Our expertise in Django and other web technologies forms the foundation of our full-stack solutions, enabling us to craft digital ecosystems that are both flexibile and robust.

We embrace the art of mindful development, dedicating time to careful analysis and thorough testing within our agile delivery process. This approach results in versatile, user-centric solutions that stand the test of time. While we take pride in our efficiency, we never sacrifice quality for speed.

In an age of mass-produced, AI-generated code, LevIT stands apart. We're not just developers; we're digital artisans, bringing harmony and craftmanship to your web and IT needs.


Leila brings vibrant energy and over a decade of expertise to our team, specializing in Django and modern frontend design. Her true passion lies in creating intuitive and engaging UI/UX soulutions, with an innate talent for designing experiences that not only look stunning but also enhance user interaction and satisfaction.

Approaching each project holistically, Leila considers the entire user journey from start to finish. As a key member of our team, Leila continually pushes the boundaries of web design at LevIT, always with an eye toward creating harmonious, user-centric solutions that stand out in today's digital landscape.


As co-founder and CTO of LevIT, Emma brings over two decades of professional experience to her role as our lead technologist and solutions architect. A member of both the PSF and DSF, Emma's expertise spans software development, system administration, and strategic technical leadership. Her deep understanding of both software and infrastructure allows her to design comprehensive and efficient solutions that seamlessly integrate all aspects of modern web technology.

Beyond her role at LevIT, Emma is a passionate advocate for open-source technology. She is a repeat speaker at conferences, sharing insights, projects and open-source libraries with the community.


As LevIT's newest team member, Laura brings a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm to our technical operations. While also doing Python and Django development, Laura's true passion lies in the intricate world of DevOps and server infrastructure. Her keen interest in these areas showcases her approach to modern web development, where robust backend systems are just as crucial as elegant code.

Despite being at the start of her professional journey, Laura has already demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for server setup, maintenance and DevOps. She is dedicated to ensuring that seamless deployments and upgrades keep being a significant asset to the solutions we deliver. Laura's eagerness to learn and her innovative mindset make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Products and Services

ERP / CRM / BackOffice

Custom Data-Centric Web Applications: From Concept to Deployment

At LevIT, we specialize in the end-to-end development of sophisticated, data-driven web applications. Our expertise encompasses the entire lifecycle of these systems, from initial architecture design through implementation and deployment. Whether you need an ERP, CRM, logistics tool, or any other data-centric application, we have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

Our approach combines multi-industry knowledge with the power of our own open-source tools, developed and refined over years of practical application. This unique blend allows us to rapidly deliver Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for custom applications, providing you with a functional solution in record time. From there, we work closely with you to iterate and expand the application, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your evolving business needs.

By leveraging our expertise in technologies like Django and our custom-built solutions such as DRF-Schema-Adapter, we create robust, scalable, and user-friendly applications that drive efficiency and innovation in your organization. LevIT's offering: rapid development, tailored solutions, and a partnership focused on your success.

Agile methodology

At LevIT, we've embraced Agile methodologies as a cornerstone of our process for years. However, we recognize that Agile is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and its effectiveness can be compromised when implemented without consideration for a company's unique context and needs. Drawing from our extensive experience implementing Agile successfully across various client projects and within our own operations, we offer specialized coaching services to help companies navigate their Agile journey.

Our Agile Implementation Coaching service provides tailored strategies, practical insights, and flexible frameworks adapted to your organization's culture and goals. We guide you in establishing continuous improvement processes and, crucially, integrate robust change management practices to ensure smooth transition and long-term adoption. With LevIT's coaching, transform your development process into a flexible, efficient, and value-driven engine for innovation, experiencing Agile as it was meant to be: an adaptable philosophy that enhances your unique strengths and drives your business forward.


Tailored Solutions: Your Vision, Our Expertise

At LevIT, we thrive on diverse IT-related challenges, leveraging our expertise and powerful tools to bring your ideas to life. Whether you need a complete web application, help with your microcontroller-based project, technical analysis, or assistance with remote project management, our versatile team is ready to help. Every project is unique, and we're committed to finding the perfect solution for your specific needs. Share your vision with us, and let's explore how we can turn it into reality. From concept to execution, we're here to support your digital journey. Ready to start? Contact us today for a personalized quotation and discover how LevIT can elevate your web project to new heights.

OpenSource Projects

At LevIT, our work on often larger-scale, data-centric web applications has led us to encounter and overcome numerous complex challenges.

Through our client projects, we've identified recurring problems that demanded innovative solutions. Rather than reinventing the wheel with each new project, we've developed a suite of tools and libraries to address these specific issues efficiently. In line with our commitment to community and progress, we've chosen to share these solutions as open-source software.

The following projects represent our contribution to the wider development community, born from real-world needs and refined through practical application. Each of these tools embodies our philosophy of creating elegant, efficient solutions to common development hurdles.

Django Classy Doc

Your Project's Custom API Documentation

As Django projects grow in scale and complexity, clear and comprehensive API documentation becomes crucial. While Django and Django REST Framework get such excellent documentation with CCBV and CDRF respectively, developers often find themselves lacking similar resources for their own custom code.

Enter Django-Classy-Doc, our open-source solution to this common challenge. Inspired by the aforementioned documentation sites, Django-Classy-Doc allows you to generate equally clear and navigable documentation for your project-specific code. This tool integrates with your Django application, automatically parsing and presenting your custom code in a familiar, user-friendly format.

By providing this level of clarity and accessibility, Django-Classy-Doc not only enhances your team's efficiency but also eases the onboarding process for new developers joining your project.

DRF Schema Adapter

Simplifying Large-Scale REST API Development

In the world of complex Django projects with hundreds or even thousands of models, creating and managing ViewSets and Serializers for each model can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Enter DRF-Schema-Adapter, a powerful solution designed to streamline REST API development with DRF.

DRF-Schema-Adapter acts as an intelligent wrapper around DRF's ViewSets and Serializers, dramatically reducing boilerplate code. With this tool, developers need only declare an Endpoint for each model, and DRF-Schema-Adapter takes care of the rest. This efficiency boost is particularly valuable during the initial scaffolding phase of a project, but its benefits extend throughout the entire development lifecycle.

As your project evolves, DRF-Schema-Adapter continues to prove its worth by simplifying the declaration of things like filters and custom actions. Moreover, it bridges the gap between backend and frontend development. By enabling the export of your Serializer definitions to formats compatible with your frontend library of choice.

Experience the power of automated, scalable API development with DRF-Schema-Adapter, and watch your productivity soar on projects of any size.


DjangoCon Europe

  • 2024: Django Classy ALL THE THINGS!!!
  • 2021: Rewriting Django from (almost) scratch in 2021
  • 2020: Ceci n'est pas un job !
  • 2020: Creating a Spotify-like streaming service with Django and Vue
  • 2019: Making your life (h)APIer with Django
  • 2018 (workshop): Hit the ground running with your Django REST Framework API
  • 2018 (lightning talk): Making a clock in Python
  • 2017: Staying DRY(er) when working with Django and frontend libraries/frameworks
  • 2016 (workshop): Intro to building a SPA webshop with DRF and Ember
  • 2015: Project templates - alternatives and tools

PyCon UK

  • 2023: I plugged a Z80 into a Pi Pico. How did that happen??
  • 2019: Writing micro-services in Python... Sure! But which framework?
  • 2018: Introduction to python running on different hardware types
  • 2018: We made a clock in Python
  • 2017: I think I wrote a Rapid Web-Application Development tool
  • 2016: Behind the scenes: writing tutorials
  • 2015: Building SASS with Django and Airavata


  • 2023: Leveraging the power of Django REST Framework's renderers with HTMX
  • 2021: Writing a python web framework in 2021
  • 2018: A tale of refactoring

PyCon LT

  • 2022: Py:script: Could it be used as a frontend framework?


  • 2018 (lightning talk): NaNoWriMo: How can Ember help you write a novel?
  • 2017: SDK... Ambitious... What about a RAD tool for the web?

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