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About us

LevIT is a young and fresh web agency with a focus on reliability and flexibility.

By using a set of mature and well tested tools as well as agile software development methods, we are able to deliver quality websites and applications in short time.

Even though rapidity is one of our qualities, we don’t rush things. We like to take the time for a careful analysis and always make sure our products have been fully tested before delivering them.

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Leila is young and dynamic. Her prefered subjects are Django and Bootstrap. She was born with a gift for designing fresh Ui/Ux interfaces.



Emma is co-founder of LevIT, PSF member and DSF individual member.
With more than 15 years of professional experience, she is the lead tech and system administrator.

Emma is also the chief analyst and solution architect.

One page CMS Website

A professional looking single-page website starting at 999.99€.
Our One page CMS Website pack includes:

  • A taylor-made responsive web-design
  • Single page with customizable content modules amongst:
    • Simple column content
    • Multi-column content
    • News items
    • Contact form and map
  • Administration interface to update your contents
  • Optional “Credit” and “Legal notice” secondary pages
  • Optimized for passive referencing
  • Links to your existing social networking accounts


Business management relies on organization of all the data available. This data live in a complex eco-system and items are often related to each-other like an invoice is linked to a customer and some products or services and a special price-list associated to that specific customer.

The storage of that data is provided by a database. But it’s not nearly enough for efficient business management, it also has to be made available for consultation and encoding in an enjoyable and useful manner.

That same data is also used by business processes triggered in diverse manner.

By using a well-adapted set of tools we have ready-made solutions for easy encoding and retrieval of your data letting us focus on your business process and how we can add value to that data by automating processes or rendering them seamless.

Standard CMS Website

A professional looking website starting at 1199.99€.
Our Standard CMS website pack includes:

  • A personalized responsive web-design
  • Unlimited pages
  • 3 types of pages amongst:
    • Standard content page
    • Content page with slide-show carousel
    • News page
    • Products page
    • Contact page with a contact form and a map
  • Inline administration interface on every page to update your contents
  • Optimized for passive referencing
  • Links to your existing social networking accounts


Everything you need to sell your products online using a responsive web-design suited for mobile shopping.
Whether you just need an online catalog or a fully customized solution.
Contact us for more information or a free quotation.


Our team of experts is able to tackle any kind of web-related challenge using reliable and powerful tools. Tell us about your project and ask for a quotation today!
We can also help you with your remote project management and technical analysis needs.


  • DRF-Schema-Adapter: DRF-schema-adapter’s goal is to provide a toolset to help you create fully dynamic clients from Django and Django REST framework. Given the right frontend tools it can even help you to build a full-fledge admin.
  • Django-Airavata: Airavata (πολλά – in Greek “lots of / multi”) is a Django 1.8+ library that allows you to hosts multiple dynamic sites running on a single Django instance/db.
  • DRF-Base64: DRF-Base64 provides a set of serializers to handle Base64-encoded files.


  • ember-cli-dynamic-model: Addon to dynamically load and register models source code as well as metadata.
  • ember-cli-crudities: ember-cli-crudities is a form and editable list builder that works from JSON config which can be either statically or dynamically loaded.


  • cc_project_app_full_with_hooks: Provides a Django project built according to the project app architecture, ready to roll with a virtual environment and compass pre-installed for SaSS compiling.
  • cc_reusable_app: Provides a reuasable app with a sample Django project built according to the project app architecture.
  • cc_django_ember_app: Provides a ready-to use Django + EmberJS project template initialized with session-based authentication.
  • cc_djember_experience: Provides a fully-primed Django + EmberJS environment with dynamic model loading from the backend, automated record lists and forms generation + session-based authentication

P4X's intranet

Status: ready
Entreprise management software for a Belgian hosting company

  • Providing a management software is not just about writing software it is also about sitting down with the client and reviewing and improving their internal process, improving what can be rendered more efficient with the new tools as well as automating tedious tasks
  • Connecting to, sometimes non-standard, providers API’s
  • Security as this client’s customers also have access to the interface and shouldn’t have access to sensitive data


Status: ready

This project is one using LevIT’s One-Page CMS

The Challenge: This project had an existing color-chart with as many as 4 “flashy” colors that don’t always work well together. We tried to minimize the use of those color and resort to a gray-scale presentation using the initial color-chart to emphasis only.

This website also features a lot of content (all provided by the client). After a training of about 1 hour, the client was able to build and organize all his content on the website without a hitch.

Public url:

Djember Sample application

Status: ready

Sample application to demonstrate the use of some of the libraries we have written.

The challenge: We had to find a very simple application to demonstrate a non-exhaustive list if the features of the libraries we use in our day-to-day job. We thought that this naive webshop was a suitable one as it displays both who easy it is to create a back-office as well as the versatility of its component to built a front-office at the same time

Public url:

Toka Logistik - By one of our co-founders


Status: in progress

This project is a minimalist and responsive webdesign compatible with the Nikola website generator framework

The challenge: Toka already had a visual identity using lime green as the main company color. Lime green is not an easy color to work with but we succeeded creating an appealing design none the less.

Public mockup url:


Django is said to be “The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”. It is currently the leading open-source python web framework. It also has a large community and a strong focus on security.

Django “comes with batteries included” which allows us to fully focus on truly value-adding features.

Django is a great tool to build websites but, thanks to the Django REST Framework, it can also make a strong backend for multi-tier applications or SPA’s.

Here are a few of the many big internet companies who chose Django: Pinterest, Instagram, Disqus and Mozilla


When it comes to building Single Page Appications or SPA’s, there are many emerging frameworks out there. EmberJS is not just one of them, it is, in our humble opinion, the frontend framework with the philosophy closest to the one of Django.

We like EmberJS not only because it stands out as “coming with batteries included” but also because it’s the first frontend framework providing a strong data layer and stable Long-Term-Support releases; making it the perfect tool for building stable and long-lived management applications.

It also benefits a thriving and welcoming community.

Here are a few of the big internet companies who also chose EmberJS: Netflix, Discourse, Apple and Yahoo!

OpenSource in General

As most of the busiest websites over the globe we trust and believe in OpenSource software. If you don’t know why, here are a few points that make OpenSource the way to go:

  • Security: as stated by what is known as “Linus’ Law” (named after Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux) “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.”. Which means that the more people who can see and test a set of code, the more likely any flaws will be caught and fixed quickly.
  • Quality: under the same concept as the previous point, OpenSource software with large communities have hundreds, even thousands, of people reviewing and improving their code allowing for better quality software.
  • Flexibility: the source-code being available to all, you are free to modify or improve it to better suit your needs.


PostgreSQL is (according to their own website) the world’s most advanced open source database. If we had to summarize why we prefer PostgreSQL with only a few words they would be security, reliability, rapidity and flexibility.

PostgreSQL is faster than most other databases while able to manage huge amounts of data. It also supports more native data types (including json and hstore) than most databases. And during its 15 years of existence, it has never been the victim of a major security vulnerability.


Bootstrap is probably the most popular HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first web projects. Bootstrap has become so popular that most of its features have become the new standard for webdesign.

Bootstrap thus came as a natural choice to us too.


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